Our Moral Decay of Society (Part 1) by Roxie

The other day I was backing my car out of a parking spot in a very large parking lot, a mother with her child decided to walk right behind my moving vehicle making me stop short. I did not see them until they were right behind my moving vehicle, the reason why I did not see them, was because the child was walking ahead of her and was the same size of my car. As they continued to walk, I heard the mother say to her child,” that car should have stopped to let us pass.” In a store, a child was having a temper tantrum and a mother gave whatever that child wanted. Just two incidents I experienced this week.
In a conversation with my cousin, who believes all that happens is the parents fault, which she holds all parents of the world responsible for all children’s behavior, was totally into the conversation and my experiences fueled her belief.
Of course, we started to discuss the Connecticut shooting. She expressed how she wanted the mother of this killer to spend life in prison as an accomplice to murder. How the mother had to know something that her child was a mass murderer, at that I point I said to her,” I think you would have to believe that the mother did try to get her child help, It is very clear throughout the reading and gathering information on this story, that she was definitely afraid of her son. You do not become afraid of your kid, it is a process or evolution and escalation of bad behavior to make her or anyone scared of a loved one.” She did not appreciate the comment, and continued to tell me how that mother was guilty because she ignored the signs.
Here is where this discussion begins, it is so easy to point fingers at parents and while it is true there are some parents that are not the model parents, I will say, most of those kids are not out killing others. With that in mind, what is fueling such moral decay in the fabric of our society? There was a time a hijacked airplane would go to Cuba. If you are in a hijacked plane now, you are as good as dead. There was a time a robbery was just that, a robbery, now there are victims left behind. There was time an arsonist would set fires anywhere they could get away with it, now they have to set occupied houses on fire, forests on fire and factories and so forth and so on. There was a time a killer would be just below the human radar, all serial killers would work in a silent matter until their victims were discovered or they became discovered. Now we have mass murders. There has been a steady escalation of moral decay, and I fear the worst is yet to happen.

Please follow this 4 Part series discussion. Part 2 coming shortly. Please comment.


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I am the owner of Art Creations New York, a small company that specializes in art/designs and various product lines I have created. My company is known for The Adorables Collection, hummingbirds, butterflies and other art related products.. I create art notes, which are 4x6, come with matching envelopes and are blank on one side for writing. I also create posters and custom work for clients. Usually, I design artwork to match decors either office or home. . I am studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute and this is my second year.
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