Pictures: Newtown School Shooting Victims –

As this New Year starts with happiness for most, it also ends with extreme sadness for some who have had loved ones go home to GOD this year. I for one am extremely grateful for My GOD, My Mother and for the life I live, which is still evolving for the better. While it is true, the tragedy in Connecticut brought us closer together, at least, for a little while. It is also true, that most will not even think of such a tragedy 6 months now or even care. As I awoke this morning at 4AM, I started thinking of the word neighbor and tried to define that word. When GOD said,” love thy neighbor” did he mean the person next door, the people down the block, others that live in our communities? What is a neighbor? Moreover, why do most of us share such a small idea on such a big word? Maybe it is because we do not think of the word neighbor as being a big word at all. I have seen the behavior of the human race repeatedly, we all care, we are all concerned, want to give and we do give. Then just as we are concerned enough to show compassion, shed tears, share each other’s pain, and give, we just stop the concern and giving, for no apparent reason. So, I ask this question of you, what is a neighbor? Sandy came and destroyed 100,000’s lives and millions more because we are all connected. We all have families, loved ones, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and alike, I could keep going. Yet before Sandy, we never gave a thought to those living a mile or so from us. However, after Sandy, they became our neighbors and we thought of them as such, but they were always our neighbors, right? We should take care of each other and help each other, yet, it seems the same definition of neighbor also applies to taking care of each other. I say to you, should a loved hold hands of someone they know, who you do not know, and that someone holds hands of someone else they know, who you do not know and they continue to hold hands of others for 10 miles, would the person holding the last hand be considered your neighbor? Let us say, your next-door neighbor has their family visit from Asia for the holidays and they go back home, are those that left considered your neighbor? What if all life was destroyed on the earth and you was the only person to survive, would you consider yourself alone? What if you found out there was another person half way around the world, now it is just the two of you with millions of miles between you. In that circumstance, would you consider that person half way around the world your neighbor? I say this, if we are human, bleed, breath and have a heart that allows us to feel and brain that allows us to think, we are neighbors. If we continue with the thought pattern we are to love our neighbor next door and take of only the people we care for, then I say, this is the reason we have the troubles we have. The chain gets broken because someone does not follow through, I say, just taking care of each other and loving our neighbor is bigger than we can imagine. What a Happy New Year if all of us reading this would know that Love Thy Neighbor is not an individual action, but the actions of many. This is my resolution, to love my neighbor, wait it is my way of life not a resolution.
Happy New year Love Happy Me

Pictures: Newtown School Shooting Victims –


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2 Responses to Pictures: Newtown School Shooting Victims –

  1. Zelda says:

    Dear Roxi,
    I love what you wrote! If only we could remember that we are all interrelated and interconnected! What would also be wonderful is if we could take up the slack when someone disconnects from being a neighbor.

  2. roxieone says:

    Thanks Zelda, It is hard to get others to understand, but the people who do understand try to help and know we are truly all connected. They are the backbone of society and we would be lost without them. We are millions strong. To my fellow bloggers, If you are one of the millions? Let me know here with your comment. Happy Me

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